Diepa L53: the cable that stands out for its total cost of ownership

Diepa is a German manufacturer of high-quality wire ropes used in a variety of hoisting applications. As an innovative business, we focus on both precision in engineering and product development. That’s why Diepa recently introduced a new 10-strand wire rope: the L53.

What makes this cable so unique? Find out in this blog!




A unique 10-strand wire rope

With its product development of L53, Diepa goes one step further in extending its range of special wire ropes of the highest quality. The 10-strand L53.

Specifications of the L53:

    • Non-rotation resistant cables
    • Internal plastic around the core
    • Highest number of bending cycles
    • Excellent friction resistance
    • Very stable construction

Non-rotation resistant wire ropes consist of a core and outer casing which are twisted in the same direction (lang lay). Cable types, such as the new L53 from Diepa, must not be used with a swivel. Non-rotation resistant wire ropes are predominantly used on overhead cranes and in the offshore and port industry.


A cable that stands out for its total cost of ownership


That’s the best way to describe the L53 from Diepa! If you want a truly high-quality non-rotation resistant wire rope, it is best to choose a special type with a more complex structure. For example, the L53 from Diepa has a 10-strand construction with compacted outer strands*. This features an ultra-modern synthetic intermediate layer, which makes this cable ultra-flexible and protects the core from water impregnation, while the lubricant remains in the core.


The result? A much longer service life, safer operation and less wear on the drives and drum. In short, a better total cost of ownership for your business!


* Strands that have undergone a compaction process involving two possible procedures, the strands and/or cable are guided between rollers with a smaller diameter than the original or the finished cable is hammered, causing the strands/wires and cable to be compressed.