Technical market leader worldwide

Diepa was founded in 1873 and specialises in the production of high-quality wire ropes for machines demanding the highest level of precision, durability and safety. When manufacturing its wire ropes, Diepa uses wire ropes of the highest quality, which is also why this German brand has become the technical market leader worldwide.

Diepa focuses on two categories: rotation resistant and non-rotation resistant wire ropes. These are specially designed by Diepa, to suit the customer’s needs and wishes.


Rotation-resistant wire ropes

Diepa’s rotation-resistant wire ropes have a core running in the opposite direction to the outer casing. This specific construction copes with twists, whereby the Diepa wire rope does not rotate at a greater lifting height. These wire ropes are used mainly on tower cranes and mobile cranes.

Non-rotation resistant wire ropes

Diepa’s non-rotation resistant wire ropes consist of a core and outer casing which are pressed in the same direction. The wire ropes with 8 to 10 strands guarantee a greater resistance to wear and bending fatigue. You will also find special non-rotation resistant wire ropes incorporating ultra-modern synthetic materials such as polyamide 12.

The non-rotation resistant wire ropes are often used in overhead cranes and the offshore and port industry.


A high return thanks to Diepa

During the production of Diepa wire ropes, all wire ropes are impregnated with lubricant to prevent internal corrosion. This means that Diepa wire ropes last a very long time.

Thanks to the long service life of Diepa wire ropes, wire ropes require less regular replacement, which in turn minimises production standstills and resulting inactivity of business employees. Diepa is therefore the best high-quality product on the market when it comes to total cost of ownership.

Very quick delivery

The transport and distribution of the products is carefully streamlined from Diepa’s distribution centre. Thanks to Diepa’s well-organised logistics centre, customers benefit from a very quick delivery.

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